KM Series


The KM Series vertical gravity saw provides quality and performance while being very economical.   It provides dependability and durability for your metal cutting jobs. There is over 30 years of history put into each machine.

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Fully equipped vertical gravity saw comes loaded with standard features. Features you can except to find on you KM Series saw are:
 Micro switch
 Reduction gearbox
 Removable tracks
 Two stationary casters
 Two swivel caster
 Mitre block graduated
 All movable parts equipped with ball bearings
 Heavy duty all welded steel construction
 Foot control frees operators hands for maximum production
 Travel 4" on repetitive cutting
 Depth stop

Cutting Capabilities

 Maximum cutting capacity for KM is 305mm in length and 254mm in width
 Running at various speeds of 76-135-262-363 (F.P.M)
 Blade size 10'
With all the loaded standard features that are already equipped on our vertical saw, options for the E-R Maier™ KM offers only the following options:

 Material Stand
model KM 1012
cutting capacity (mm) 254 x 305 (10" x 12")
cutting speeds (F.P.M.) 76 - 135 - 262 - 363
blade length (mm) 3048 (10')
table size (mm) 762 x 457 (30" x 18")
motor (HP) 1 T.E.F.C. 11-220-60 Cy. Electric
overall height (mm)** 1579 (62.125")
overall depth (mm)** 1401 (55.125")
weight (kg)** 350 (770lbs)
*specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice; dimensions are approximated.


 Single-phase - 60Hz
 Voltage: 115/208-230V
 Squirrel cage rotor
 Start capacitor
 Class ¿B¿ insulation (130ºC)
 High starting torque
 Ball Bearings
 Totally enclosed fan cooled
 Continuous Duty (S1), 40ºC ambient
 V-ring slingers on both end-shields


Reliable gearboxes designed to meet and exceed the cutting requirements of the operator. For decades continual improvements have been made to increase product performance by developing innovative features to meet changing market demand.

Electrical & Operating Requirements

  110V Power
  Single Phase

Table Size

Effectively designed table space in order to provide optimal work space allowing for versatility in cutting capabilities.

Front View

Side View

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